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UV Service Kit 40W - Filtermate Farmmate & Waterguard Silver

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Suits Filtermate Farmmate and Waterguard Silver Systems. 

This complete service kit includes:

  • 1 x 40W Philips UVC Germicidal Lamp
  • 1 x Filter set (10" x 4.5"), comprising:
    • 1 x Washable Pleated Filter for heavy sediment - 5 micron
    • 1 x Activated Carbon Filter for chemical, toxin and odour removal
    • 1 x Poly Prop Filter for fine particles - 1 micron
  • 2 x Seals for T5 Quartz Sleeves


The filters fit all Filtermate and Waterguard whole house UV systems but the lamp is specific to the Filtermate Farmmate and Waterguard Silver Systems


To protect against power surges, warranty conditions require a surge protector to be fitted where the system plugs into the powerpoint (this is not an RCD)

Click here for instructions on system maintenance.


Product Code: FULV5ZUW66



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